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Japanese Exchange Students Begin Life at TPS

The middle school exchange program between the LISD and the city of Moriyama in Japan has been going on since 1994. This year the Japanese delegation, which consisted of 8 students, 1 teacher, and 1 principal arrived last Wednesday, October 25. Ms. Azusa Uno, the teacher, and two 8th-grade students, Mio Kobayasi and Kaisei Tanaka, were chosen to be hosted by Tecumseh Public Schools learners and staff.

Mr Mills with Liam and Kaisei
Left to Right: Liam Cornish, Principal Mills, Kaisei Tanaka.

Luanne Grotbeck, teacher at Tecumseh Compass Learning Center, is hosting Ms. Azusa Uno, an English Teacher, while Ella Thompson, an 8th-grader at Tecumseh East, is hosting Mio Kobayasi (pictured above) and Liam Cornish, an 8th-grade learner who is studying at Tecumseh High School, is hosting Kaisei Tanaka.

Last Thursday and Friday were spent touring a variety of locations in Lenawee County. There was also a traditional Halloween costume party and bonfire with all of the exchange students and host families last Saturday night. On Monday, October 30, Mio and Kaisei attended school with their host, while Ms. Uno shadowed Mrs. Grotbeck for the day.

In June, Mrs. Grotbeck, Ella, and Liam will be part of the LISD delegation to Moriyama, Japan. During their week in Japan they will stay with their hosts in Moriyama. They will also visit HIroshima and Miyajima, and will be attending Moriyama Jr. HIgh School for one day.

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