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Pumpkin STEAM Activities and Flexible Grouping

At Tecumseh South Early Learning Center the Blue Team of teachers is beginning today a variety of pumpkin themed STEAM activities. For these activities the 3 classes of the Blue Team, a mix of 1st-grade learners and Kindergarten learners, are being grouped to work with the different teachers on three different projects.

They are learning about the scientific process of making predictions, performing experiments, and then recording their observations. The flexible grouping, combining the learners from different grades, will help them develop "soft skills" with new sets of their peers. Soft Skills are those traits that are essential in life like cooperation and working in groups.

One group is working on making predictions about the weight of a pumpkin versus various objects and then using a scale to discover the results. Another is exploring the buoyancy of the pumpkins and discussing why they think it will sink or float. The final group is exploring some physics by creating chutes for small pumpkin erasers to tumble down into a cup. The groups will rotate through the activities over the next few school days.

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