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Tecumseh Public Schools is very proud of the care given to its eight locations by the district’s Facilities and Maintenance Team. This team consists of our Maintenance Technicians, Custodians, and Mail Courier, under the direction of the TPS Director of Facilities and Maintenance.

The team is responsible for cleaning and maintaining approximately 600,000 square feet of buildings each day. Along with the daily maintenance of each building, the Facilities and Maintenance Department oversees the care of 170 acres of the district’s grounds. The grounds consist of lawns, playgrounds, ten athletic fields, parking lots, sidewalks, and drives that must be maintained in the summer, and must be kept clear of snow and ice during the winter months.

In addition, this department is responsible for ensuring the safety and proper operation of the district’s drinking water, backflow devices, bleachers, boilers, pest control applications, waste / trash removal, and many other items related to maintenance and environmental services.

Our team works hard all year round. The summer months are an important, and demanding time for the district’s Facilities and Maintenance Department. During this time, each of the district’s buildings are thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom by the Custodians, and all floor surfaces are shampooed or refinished. It is also a time in which the Maintenance Technicians go through each room to make any necessary repairs, and inspect the condition of furniture. They also check to see that all mechanical equipment is functioning properly. In addition, this is when most of the construction, painting, and renovation projects happen.

Please feel free to contact the Facilities and Maintenance Department with any questions or concerns you may have about building maintenance, grounds, or custodial operations.

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Pesticide Application Information 2019-2020 School Year

The State of Michigan law requires that schools and day care centers, that may apply pesticides on school or day care property, must provide an annual advisory to parents or guardians of students attending the facility.

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