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Food Services

Laura Pleasant

Laura Pleasant

ARAMARK Director of Food Services
Vicki Frost

Vicki Frost

ARAMARK Office Manager


Welcome to the Food Services Department. We are eager and excited to serve the learners and staff of Tecumseh Public Schools.


The North and South Early Learning Center and Compass learners will receive a lunch menu at the beginning of each month. Menus for the East and West STEAM Centers and High School are posted in the cafeterias and on the website. All menus are available on the SchoolDish website, or you can click on the links below.

North/South Breakfast Menu North/South Lunch Menu

Compass Breakfast Menu Compass Lunch Menu

East/West Breakfast Menu East/West Lunch Menu

THS Breakfast Menu THS Lunch Menu

We serve breakfast in each school building every school day. Students may choose from whole grain cereals, Pop Tarts, yogurt, or bagels with cream cheese; fresh fruit or juice, and low fat milk. We also serve hot entrees on a rotating basis.

Meal Prices
Lunch, K-8$2.75
Lunch, 9-12$3.25

Accessing Your Child's Account

If you would like to receive low account balance email reminders, call the food service office at 517-423-6008 x7177 with your child’s name and your email. If possible, please include the learner’s ID number. You can also access your child's account online at the Meal Magic website.


To file an application for Free/Reduced lunch, print a Free/Reduced Lunch Application or you can apply online, all you need is your student's ID number. Parents/Guardians can return all paper applications to the school or food service office. You must fill out a new application every year. For more information about Free/Reduced Lunches please visit the MealSense website.

Account Deposits/Balances

To make a deposit into your child’s lunch account, please use MySchoolBucks to make your payment by electronic check or credit/debit card. Note: Smart phone APP for MySchoolbucks is NOT compatible. There is a minimum payment amount of $10.00, and allow 24-48 hours for payment to appear in your child’s account. Please call 517-423-6008 x7177 with questions.

Any balances or charges in the account will follow your child through their school years at Tecumseh. The TPS charge policy only allows two lunch charges until the outstanding amount must be paid.