The Technology team at Tecumseh Public Schools strives to ensure that learners have access to the latest reliable and relevant technology in their classrooms, media centers, and at home . We have an abundance of technology resources for our students to use in and out of the classroom. Our goal is to provide easy to use, reliable technology, that enhances both the learning process and the learners experience, in a way that is both natural and effective for the facilitator.

We are proud to provide a 1:1 technology take home program using Google Chromebooks. Learners may use the Chromebooks for research, project work, take online courses, and submit paperless homework.

TPS has also implemented Google Apps for Education. There has been an outpouring of shared ideas and teaching methods across the district, which has resulted in a more collaborative educational culture. Using Google Docs, Chromebooks, and Gmail has allowed students to share information in real-time, making it easier to work on shared projects. Google Apps has fundamentally changed how students are learning and how facilitators are instructing. The collaborative working and learning environment has moved outside the walls of the classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding learner Chromebook usage. If you have a question that isn't addressed here, or need further clarification, please email the Technology Department.

How should my learner take care of their Chromebook?

Chromebooks are to stay in the school-issued case at all times. No stickers are allowed on the Chromebook, as they may void the device warranty. Do not mark or draw on the device. Take care to keep liquids and food away from the Chromebook.

What happens if a Chromebook needs repaired?

Learners may download a repair form or get one from their building office. This form must be completed and signed, and returned to the main office. Payments must be submitted through MySchoolBucks to initiate the repair. Most repairs can be completed in 24-48 hours.

How much does a repair cost?

Screen repairs, damage from accidental falls, and charger replacements are $30. If Chromebook is mishandled or lost/stolen, a larger fee may be applicable at the discretion of the building administrator.

Do I pay a fee for each repair?

If your learner is enrolled in the school’s insurance program, there is a deductible per each occurrence. The repair fee must be paid before the Chromebook is returned to your learner.

How do I make a repair payment?

All repair fees are accepted through MySchoolBucks. Upon logging in, you will see a checkbox listing for technology repairs.

What if my learner’s Chromebook is lost or stolen?

Please contact your building administrator as soon as possible. A police report may need to filed depending on the situation.

Can my learner use their own device?

Tecumseh Public Schools has a bring your own device policy. Just be reminded that your learner’s device will be filtered and monitored the same way as the school issued Chromebooks.

How do I monitor on what my child is accessing on their Chromebook?

Each learner has been assigned a permanent own username and password. These passwords are available through your building administrator as needed. We encourage parents to be involved in their learner's online activity.

Is my child’s Chromebook web filtered?

Yes, we utilize the premier web filtering solution on Chromebooks called GoGuardian. This filter provides 24-hour web filtering at school and at home. Facilitators and administrators can monitor learners in real-time at school for extra accountability.

What if my child can’t stay on task?

With GoGuardian, there is a solution called the penalty box. When a learner account is in the penalty box, they can only access content (as set by administrator) relevant to their class work and collaboration.

What happens if my child tries to access inappropriate content?

Building administration and the technology office monitor activity through GoGuardian. We understand that learners sometime make mistakes. Open communication with your child and parents/guardians is route we take in this scenario. Frequent issues in this area may result in the learner account being placed in the penalty box for the duration of the school year.

What kind of sites are blocked?

We use the best filtering software available for our learners' safety online. Netflix and other types of streaming sites that may have mature content are blocked. Music streaming sites are also restricted. Please remember the school cannot control your learner's activities on their personal cell phone. We recommend sharing your internet usage expectations with your learner and having frequent conversations about appropriate technology use at school and at home.

TPS offers 1:1 Chromebook technology to learners in grades 7 - 12.  The use of transformational technology supports learning in grades K - 12.