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Ben Newsome

Ben Newsome

FirstStudent Transportation Manager, Tecumseh Public Schools

Tecumseh Public Schools contracts with First Student, Inc. to transport its students to and from school for field trips and athletic events.

New families needing bus schedule information may call the district’s Transportation Office at 423-2706. Office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Letter from the Director


For many children, the beginning of the school year may mean riding the school bus for the very first time or perhaps just starting to ride the bus once again, after a period of time of not riding. Regardless of the situation, at First Student, the children’s safety is our number one priority. It takes everyone in the community; parents, school administrators, other children and fellow citizens, to help raise awareness of proper school bus safety protocols to ensure that the children have a safe and enjoyable transportation experience all year long.

Please take a moment to talk to your children about riding the school bus safely. Here are some safety rules children should follow:

  • Leave home early so there is plenty of time to arrive at the bus stop. When people are in a hurry, traffic safety rules tend to be forgotten.
  • Adhere to traffic and pedestrian signs and walk on the sidewalks wherever available.
  • When waiting for the bus, stand back and away from traffic on the street. Pay attention! Do not push or shove other waiting passengers. This may cause someone to fall into moving traffic.
  • Children should not have drawstrings, toggles or key chains on their clothing or backpacks. These items can get caught on bus handrails and doors.
  • Grab the handrail when getting on and off the bus to prevent tripping.
  • Find a seat and sit down immediately. If assigned seating, find your seat and sit immediately.
  • Children may talk quietly and enjoy the ride with their fellow passengers. Do not scream or make loud noises that may distract the driver.
  • Placing your head, arms, papers or anything out of the bus window is not permitted.
  • Wait for the bus to stop completely before you stand up.
  • Take 10 giant steps away from the bus when you get off.
  • If you drop something near the bus, don’t pick it up right away. Get the Drivers attention and make sure they are aware of you near the bus. Confirm with the Driver once you have retrieved the item and are clear of the bus. If you stoop down to pick something up, the driver may not see you.
  • If you must cross the street, wait until the driver signals to you that it is OK.
  • Always keep a safe distance from the bus, so you and the driver can see each other! Never stand too close to the bus – especially the back wheels where it’s hard for the driver to see you.

If you have questions or would like additional information, we invite you to contact First Student at 517-423-2706. Your local First Student team is happy to help you! By working together, we can make sure our kids have a happy and safe school year.