About Us

Tecumseh was one of the first settlements of the Michigan Territory, and the first in Lenawee County. It was first platted in 1824 by Musgrove Evans. Evans was deeply impressed with the culture and beliefs of the Native Americans of the area and named the settlement after the great Shawnee Chief, Tecumseh.

The city of Tecumseh is approximately 30 miles southwest of Ann Arbor and 45 miles northwest of Toledo, Ohio. The original industry was celery farming. While agriculture remains an important industry, another historically notable Tecumseh business venture was Tecumseh Products, founded in 1934 by Ray Herrick. Today Tecumseh remains a charming small town but boasts many world class opportunities and amenities.

The district serves parts of the townships of Adrian, Clinton, Franklin, Macon, Raisin, Ridgeway, and Tecumseh with student population of approximately 3,000. Our classroom environments employ elements of design where communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking are valued. TPS offers well rounded academic programming for all students along with exceptional fine arts programming. We provide dedicated academic support time for all students and utilize trending technology in all classrooms, including a 1:1 technology plan for our 7-12 graders. We provide outstanding special education instruction with academic and occupational services at all levels, supported via the Lenawee Intermediate School District.

The TPS Mission

Uncompromisingly Learner Centered

Our mission powerfully and concisely states the purpose of Tecumseh Public Schools. In broad terms, our mission inspirationally states the reason that our learning community exists. It is the starting point for all decisions regarding learner outcomes, learning opportunities, learner assessment, the system’s organizational structure, district policies and practices, and all matters of importance.

The TPS Vision

We are a dynamic learning community taking bold steps to ensure all learners are inspired and empowered for life.

The TPS Vision is what we will look like, feel like, and be like when we are operating at our ideal best. Our vision encompasses 8 key areas; learning, curriculum, instruction, assessment, technology, stakeholders, personnel, and leadership. This vision is the blueprint for all improvement projects and the job description of every individual in the district.

Tecumseh High School's 150 Graduates for 150 Years

On June 28th at the Union School nine young men and women participated in the first ever commencement of Tecumseh High School. Seven men and two women received diplomas in the classical course and English. It was 1866. Now 150 years later more than 270 are set to follow in their footsteps on June 4th. This series of articles will look back decade by decade at some of the most prominent graduates of Tecumseh High School leading up to the graduation of this year’s class.

Logo for our 150 years of Quality Education Celebration

Special thanks to the Tecumseh District Library, Specifically Chuck Harpst, The Tecumseh Historical Museum, and the Tecumseh Alumni Association for their help with this project.