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Kelly M. Coffin

Kelly M. Coffin

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Welcome to Tecumseh Public Schools!

We have been very busy getting ready to greet our learners as we begin another school year. 2018-19 marks the second year of implementation of a customized learning approach based on our Strategic Design and we continue to work every day to create the ideal learning experience for each and every child.

It is through our continued work in partnership with our community that our vision of education comes to life. Our community came together two years ago to develop a path for the future, and we continue to take the necessary steps to ensure this plan becomes a reality. We recognize that this work cannot be done in isolation and continue to look for opportunities to expand our Tecumseh learning community. We are excited to launch our 100 Business Buy-In initiative; pairing local businesses and non-profit organizations with learners as they explore career possibilities. We will strive to develop K-12 career exploration opportunities for each learner, creating learning experiences that match the interests of our learners.

The educational system must prepare students for the future they face, requiring school districts to examine past practices that tend to stifle the growth, creativity, and ingenuity of adults and children. Tecumseh Schools is pleased to provide opportunities for learners to explore their gifts, talents and passions. We are proud to be on a path that allows flexibility and the creation of relevant and meaningful learning opportunities. We are committed to providing a solid educational experience for each and every child based on research about how children, teens, and young adults learn and develop socially and emotionally. We are dedicated to moving education forward in order to provide opportunities for everyone to develop 21st century skills that are critical to success in post-secondary education and the workplace. We are honored to be leading the way in Lenawee County!

Thank you for your continued support!


Kelly M. Coffin, Ed.D.
Superintendent, Tecumseh Public Schools