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Strategic Design

The Tecumseh Public Schools Strategic Design was developed with in collaboration with the Board of Education, staff, and members of our community. It is our mission to keep students at the forefront of all we do and remain “Uncompromisingly Student Centered.”

Our district vision is that “We are a dynamic learning community taking BOLD steps to ensure all students are inspired and empowered for life.”

Exit Student Outcomes

The TPS Graduate is a Self-Actualizing Person Who...

  • Formulates, articulates, defends, and applies a personal set of core values.
  • Prioritizes work, family, and personal time for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
  • Lives a healthy life that includes physical activity, good nutrition, relaxation, and spirituality.
  • Sets, pursues, and accomplishes personal goals.
  • Accepts personal accountability for his/her words and actions.
  • Contributes to society and makes decisions with others in mind.
  • Manages and budgets time, money, and other resources effectively.
  • Adjusts and adapts to change, stress, adversity, and successes.
  • Seeks, reflects upon, and adjusts to feedback.
  • Reflects deeply, learns from experiences, and continuously improves self in all aspects of living.

The TPS Graduate is a Self-Directed, Continuous Student Who...

  • Improves continuously by setting and accomplishing personal learning goals.
  • Acquires, organizes, analyzes, evaluates, and synthesizes information from a wide variety of sources and applies that information to solve problems.
  • Approaches new situations with a “growth mindset.”
  • Seeks new learning opportunities and is intrinsically motivated.
  • Adapts to significant change requirements by processing and seeking new information.
  • Seeks and studies feedback to continuously improve and to determine progress.
  • Learns through self-awareness and by reflecting on life experiences.
  • Proactively determines his/her learning path and understands the need for skill development.
  • Learns continuously and is passionate about development.
  • Reads to understand print material, consumer information, and literature.
  • Researches and forms opinions regarding current trends and issues.
  • Identifies bias, propaganda, and dishonesty in all forms of media.
  • Shares his/her learning with others by teaching and modeling.

The TPS Graduate is a Caring Communicator Who...

  • Creates and maintains open, honest, and healthy relationships.
  • Embraces new technologies that foster positive interpersonal relationships.
  • Prioritizes work and life activities to achieve optimal work/family balances and blends.
  • Applies effective interpersonal communication skills.
  • Listens effectively to understand family, friends, and colleagues.
  • Listens without becoming defensive, encourages and accepts feedback, and continues to build trust.
  • Functions effectively as a team member to make decisions and solve problems.
  • Consciously works to understand and appreciate diverse cultures so as to be effective in work groups.
  • Shows interest in the thoughts, positions, and needs of others.
  • Adapts to changing times and changing relationships.
  • Creates trusting relationships and recognizes relationships that are not healthy.
  • Shows empathy, compassion, generosity, respect, and kindness when interacting with others.

The TPS Graduate is a Compassionate Contributor Who...

  • Participates in the cultural community and seeks personal enrichment through the arts.
  • Values and respects differing cultures and their accompanying cultural activities.
  • Demonstrates an appreciation of our multicultural/multilingual society.
  • Exhibits an appreciation for the arts and the impact the arts have on the emotional quotient (EQ) of participants.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of evolving social norms, practices, and guidelines.
  • Understands the lasting positive and negative impact of today’s social media.
  • Appreciates the positive impact of the arts on our daily lives.

The TPS Graduate is a Self-Assured Explorer Who...

  • Articulates the impact that historical world events have had on our current global community.
  • Describes how different political and economic systems work and how they interact in today’s world.
  • Identifies and analyzes environmental, economic, and social issues to create an appropriate response to issues.
  • Respects and empathizes with cultures that are diverse.
  • Explores other cultures to better understand differing viewpoints, and applies that knowledge to decisions and positions.
  • Analyzes the effects of the 24/7 news cycle and the social media dominance to determine its impact on his/her decisions and lifestyle.
  • Values his/her heritage as a foundation for becoming a global citizen.
  • Embraces technology and change.
  • Applies high-level critical and creative thinking skills to understand, and to solve complex problems, and also to determine positions on important global issues.

The TPS Graduate is an Invested, Contributing Citizen Who...

  • Demonstrates an understanding of civic roles and responsibilities.
  • Actively participates in civic and community service.
  • Identifies issues and/or opportunities that inspire personal involvement.
  • Advocates for the equal treatment of individuals and embraces diversity.
  • Employs critical thinking skills to analyze issues and make decisions.
  • Collaborates within diverse groups to achieve common goals.
  • Seeks to understand diverse cultures and their role in a healthy global society.
  • Understands and can articulate governmental responsibilities and structures at the community, state, federal, and world level.
  • Identifies and analyzes political and economic issues, and articulates his/her position on how to treat them.
  • Solves problems and meets challenges by applying critical thinking and problem solving strategies.
  • Identifies global environmental issues and acts locally to create responsible, sustainable solutions.
  • Articulates the impact that historical world events have had on our current global community.

The TPS Graduate is a Self-Motivated Innovator Who...

  • Adapts to dynamic environments.
  • Thinks creatively, drives innovation, and adds value to products and services.
  • Markets his/her talents and skills and self-value with confidence.
  • Knows himself/herself well enough to identify a work life in which he/she will find meaning, purpose, and intrinsic motivation.
  • Navigates complex corporate structures and career paths.
  • Implements problem solving and interpersonal relationship skills.
  • Analyzes situations and develops solutions both independently and in group settings.
  • Recognizes and embraces multi-generational and multi-cultural environments.
  • Creates short and long term financial plans.
  • Understands and embraces that technology changes economics.
  • Articulates the basic tenets of economics and apply them to present circumstances and a vision for the future.
  • Considers and acts upon the moral, ethical, and environmental ramifications of business decisions and activities.