West STEAM City Planning Unit: Part 5

West STEAM City Planning Unit: Part 5

By Madeline McRoberts and Redd Braun, STEAM West learners

The Tecumseh West STEAM Center Learning Expo was Thursday, Dec. 20, and it’s the perfect time to reflect on our city planning project. Every learner worked hard to complete and perfect their projects, and it showed! From metropolitan paradises to tribal villages, learners’ creativity was given a chance to soar.
The city planning project was not only a new experience for learners but also facilitators at the school.

“Personally, I think this project had a lot of benefits and it had a lot of learning so this presentation made us learn a lot about time management because we were given not just one big project but multiple small projects that piled on top of each other,” said Evan Pollet.

“Also, it required a lot of teamwork,” said Nolan White.

“What I liked about the project is that is forcing you to make a connection between the rules [of your civilization] and the impact on the environment. Thinking about the population and thinking about how it would increase or decrease if your civilization had fewer resources you have to think of how to use that,” said one of the science teachers, Mrs. Anastasoff.

The Expo, cleverly titled “We Built This City,” displays everything the learners have worked on these past few months, including Geographic Location, Government, Creative Writing Narratives, Population Games, Infrastructure, and the city models.

“It’s very creative and detail oriented. It really helps paint the picture [of the societies],” said Megan Stevenson, an Expo attendee.

“I think the project is very fun because you can use your creativity and you can make your world however you want. You can make it horrible or you can make it an angel city. But I also don’t really like it because you can’t just do it how you want. You have to follow certain criteria and expectations,” said Brianna Rhodea.

The city planning project was definitely something that all learners at West enjoyed. Writers had the chance to create stories, builders got to create cities, students who enjoy technology were able to create Google Sites to present information.

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