2018 State of the District

2018 State of the District

At the March 12th Board of Education meeting Dr. Coffin presented her annual State of the District.

At Tecumseh Public Schools our mission is to be Uncompromisingly Learner Centered. We are a dynamic learning community taking bold steps to ensure all learners are inspired and empowered for life.

Over the last few years our district has undergone some changes. A facility use study showed that our building space was not being used efficiently, with some buildings far under capacity and some over 100% capacity. The district reorganization was focused on better use of our current facilities and how we could change the district to improve our programming for our learners. Our next step was to lay out a Strategic Design for the district, bringing in community partners and staff to determine our "ideal learning experience." Our Exit Learner Outcomes illustrate what we want a TPS graduate to look like when they leave our district.

The TPS Graduate is a:

  • Self-Actualizing Person
  • Self-Directed, Continuous Learner
  • Caring Contributor
  • Self-Assured Explorer
  • Invested, Contributing Citizen
  • Self-Motivated Innovator

Customizing learning for all takes a shift in mindset, however all of the research-based best practices are all still there; they are just now part of a more flexible structure that meets every learner where they are at. The same data-driven instructional practices and strong leadership drive the learning. Using the technology in transformational ways, instead of just as a tool, and providing motivating learning opportunities in a more flexible structure provide the ideal learning experience for our learners.

Designing a Mass Customized Learning Community

Tecumseh Public Schools enrollment numbers for the 2017-18 school year are 2,957 learners; compared to 2,985 learners in 2016-17. Our 2017-18 Operating Revenue is $28,095,393 while our expenditures are $28,792,773. Tecumseh Public Schools has received a perfect Munetrix score for the third year in a row, illustrating our financial "wellness." Through School of Choice, Tecumseh is receiving 29 more learners than are leaving the district and we are projecting a kindergarten enrollment of 220 learners for the 2018-19 school year. 30% of Tecumseh learners are receiving free/reduced lunch and our special education enrollment sits at 359 learners.

In November TPS conducted a parent and learner survey for our STEAM Centers. 68% of parents reported that their child was happy and/or excited to come to school each day. To match that 71% of learners reported the same. 83% of learners reported that the way they are learning now is helpful and relevant to their lives and they found the ability to learn at their own pace, the flexible scheduling, and ability to choose their own topics for their projects as "awesome." The top areas for improvement from the parents were scheduling, report card/grading, class choices, and project-based learning. An additional survey will be conducted at the end of the school year to monitor progress.

Tecumseh High School continues to score above county and state averages for college and career readiness in evidence-based reading and writing, as well as mathematics. The mean SAT scores for THS also scored above the county and state marks. Currently 96.84% of learners graduate from THS with a drop-out rate of 0.53%. Over two-thirds (67%) of TPS graduates enroll in post-secondary programming immediately after high school with the top ten institutions being Jackson College, Washtenaw CC, EMU, MSU, CMU, Siena Heights University, WMU, University of Toledo, and the University of Michigan.

Looking forward Tecumseh Public Schools looks to increase our partnerships with the community, take bold steps to improve learner outcomes, and operate at our "ideal best."

You can view the complete State of the District presentation here.

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