6th Graders Break Ground for New Compass Garden

6th Graders Break Ground for New Compass Garden

Tecumseh Compass 6th grade facilitator Joe Bundas likes to relax at home while gardening. Then it struck him that his learners should have that same opportunity to relax during the school day. So he set forth to begin a year long project with all of the 6th grade learners at Compass.

On Friday they broke ground on their new 360 square foot garden, located behind the school, down by the old softball fields. While the garden was the brainchild of Mr Bundas, each team of learners has nominated a peer to be their leader when it comes to the development of the project. The learners will dig up and prepare the garden space this fall, then spend the winter researching what they want to plant and how they want to layout their crops, and then in the spring they will get hands-on with the garden, planting and maintaining it. They will have to create a sign and fencing to protect the garden as well.

Mr Bundas sees this as an opportune way to bring together his love of gardening and the new project-based learning direction of the district. This whole project from start to finish will be lead by the learners with only minimal guidance being offered by the facilitators when necessary.

Martin's Home Center and Tecumseh Plywood are helping to sponsor the garden by providing tools and materials at cost.

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