Celebrating Passion and Purpose with #TPSMyWhy Project

Celebrating Passion and Purpose with #TPSMyWhy Project

What energizes, inspires and motivates you? What is your purpose? Tecumseh Public Schools will answer these questions and celebrate the reasons why administrators, educators, staff and volunteers choose to serve in education during Homecoming Week, Sept. 24 - 28, 2018. 

The project was the idea of Compass Learning Center art facilitator, Ashley LaVoy who was stirred to find a way to encourage her colleagues during the district’s opening day festivities.

"We all went into education because of our ‘why’ and it’s important that we are driven by this purpose,” LaVoy said. “We all have challenging days, or challenging years, but remembering why we chose this field, and how we are making a difference in children’s lives, and the field of education as a whole is what makes the journey so rewarding.”  

LaVoy said Tecumseh High School’s “Why You Matter” campaign inspired her idea to publicly honor her colleagues’ work, and the #TPSMyWhy project was launched.

Posters featuring photos of administrators, facilitators, staff members, and volunteers and their passion for educating and serving children, and their commitment to TPS will be featured in a display at the Homecoming football game on Friday, Sept. 28 (weather permitting). The posters were generously sponsored by Spectrum Printers, Inc. of Tecumseh. The images will also be shared on the district’s social media accounts, on the district's website.

“It’s been a truly heartwarming experience to talk with my colleagues and learn their reasons for serving in our district,” said Rebecca Schwan, communications director. “While each person’s ‘why’ deeply personal, they have a common theme – to make a difference in the lives of children.”

TPS superintendent, Dr. Kelly Coffin said taking time to reflect on your purpose supports the district’s efforts to provide opportunities for learners to explore their interests, understand the ‘why’ behind what they are learning, and become eager and enthusiastic learners.

“Purpose is found at the intersection of your talents, values, passions and skills,” Coffin said. “It is critical that our learners have the opportunity to discover what challenges, motivates and excites them so they can develop the skills needed to achieve the goals they set for themselves.”