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City Planning Unit Underway at West STEAM Center

City Planning Unit Underway at West STEAM Center


By Redd Braun and Madeline McRoberts

Madeline McRoberts and Redd Braun

Madeline McRoberts and Redd Braun will provide reports
about the City Planning Unit as the learners' projects 

Learners at West STEAM have been asked to build a new society after a hypothetical disaster. Throughout this project, we will be focusing on elements such as the geographical aspects, infrastructure, and resources of a location, as well as the government. The major point of this project is a creative writing piece that will display what we’ve worked on, as well as exercise our creativity and writing skills. Along the way, our teachers will be teaching us about the different components which we can later implement into our project.

Students here enjoy the project. “It’s very self-motivated because you make it your own and make the world like you want the world to be,” said Hannah Comini, a student at West.

The teachers here also like the idea of the project. Mr. Gibson, one of our Social Studies teachers, says, “I like the idea of these projects because it allows students to apply what they learn and to evaluate different sources of information, and it gives the individual the opportunity to prioritize what's important to them.”

The deadline for this project is December 21st. Stay tuned to read more about what we are learning as we progress through our projects.


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