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East STEAM Learners Explore Career Opportunities at Digital Divas Conference

East STEAM Learners Explore Career Opportunities at Digital Divas Conference

Submitted by Rory Fortman, East STEAM Learner

25 girls from East STEAM Learning Center went on the field trip to Digital Divas at Eastern Michigan University. My whole group really seemed to love all of the opportunities that you could learn about. We learned about how it is important to do what you love even if you are brought down by other people.  There are also many jobs available in the technology field for women. It was such a valuable experience.

We met in the ballroom where there were fancy tables set up just for us. There were about 420 girls there total from different schools throughout Michigan. We all listened to a presentation and filled out some surveys that could help us win a prize later on. We learned that only 12% of engineers are women! That was very shocking and I think that fact inspires more girls to take a stand.

After that part in our day we each moved on to our stations. The first one I went to after the great speech was Interior Design. We got to walk quite a while to another part of the campus. On our walk I saw such beautiful sights with all the different colored leaves on the trees. We also saw so many different buildings for different interests for the students. We arrived to the big brick building were all the future interior designers study. We walked in and took a seat in front of a computer. We had an instructor guide us on how to make a virtual house. We used tools like “Move, Push, and Pull.” It was quite challenging but a lot of fun! Then as we transitioned to the next Interior Design activity a college major showed us work the students had made. Then we arrived at the next station were we learned about different styles of design and we got to pick which one is our own style. We gathered fabrics, furniture pictures, and wall colors to design a room on a piece of paper. It was super cool to see everyone make their own unique room. Once the Interior Design class was over and we packed up and headed back to the main campus.

Digital Divas at Eastern Michigan University photo collageLunch time. We headed to the back room where there was a variety of choices to have for lunch. There were a bunch of different types of salads ready to be eaten. I thought to myself that this was the healthiest lunch. While we all nibbled on our lunch while facilitators from Eastern picked a few lucky winners from the survey to get a prize (I won a hat). The lunch tasted really good, and I was super impressed. All of us girls got up and walked to our last station.

I went to Fashion Design on the third floor. As I walked in I took in all of the beautiful structures and designs throughout this big room.  I saw a group of people working on objects needing to be sewn. We watched a slideshow about the two fashion designers at Eastern who were taking their students to Paris and L.A. to learn about the industry. Then we were introduced to all the supplies we could use to design a dress. There was a competition on who can make the best dress. We all tried our hardest to make a gorgeous dress with all the ribbon, gems, and feathers we were given. Three lucky winners were chosen by the college students as we clapped for them. After our Fashion Design station was over we all headed back to the ballroom were we meet for the last time. They thanked everyone for coming to spend the day with them and talked about how much fun it was. We sadly had to go home, so we got our cool t-shirts and entered the bus.

I just want to give thanks to Eastern Michigan University for having my school. I now really want to go to Eastern because of all the great things I was introduced to that day. It was such an amazing experience I will never forget. My peers and I had so much fun and I advise all of my readers to go check it out too!

Learners participate in a project at Digital Divas A group photo of the learners who attended Digital Divas

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