Learner Choice in Elective Offerings at Tecumseh East

Learner Choice in Elective Offerings at Tecumseh East

Learners rehearsing their broadcast using a teleprompter app.Ms. Hickner is the facilitator in charge of the new Broadcasting Elective at Tecumseh East and she is taking her time learning about the world of broadcasting with her learners. They started the process by trying out for cast or crew positions. For example, learners who wanted to be editors had to create a sample video showing off their skills and those that wanted to be actors had to audition for their parts. Learners had to conduct research into the various roles that are required to produce a broadcast and then choose where they wanted to work. They have an Executive Producer, Director, and Camera Operators, among many other positions.

Today they were running rehearsals, in their freshly painted studio, using their new teleprompter application. They hope to have their first broadcast finished and ready to air next week. If you want to see their progress you can follow them on Twitter, @TESCBC.

Learners testing out their cable car designs.In an Engineering Elective that is co-facilitated by Mr. Way and Mr. Avis, learners were testing out their cable cars in the Collaboration Lab today. Working in groups they had to create a vehicle that could travel across a fishing line under its own power. Almost all of the learners were drawn to the idea of a deflating balloon being used as propulsion, with one ambitious group building a rubber band powered propellor. Results were mixed and it's back to the drawing board to evaluate the cable cars. Future projects in the class will continue to explore different areas of engineering, building structurally sound bridges and rollercoasters.

Learner working on her camera research presentation.The Photography Elective taught by Ms. Czartoski has been exploring different angles and depths of shot, to create compositions. At the moment they are completing small group projects investigating the different camera brands and the pros/cons of each.

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