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Sculpture Installed at the High School

The crew installing the large sections of the sculpture with a crane.In storage since the 2001 move to the current high school, a sculpture from former Tecumseh resident Tom Rudd is finally standing again. Tom Rudd studied sculpture at Siena Heights University. The untitled sculpture was installed at the "old high school," currently Compass Learning Center, after its completion in 1981. During the move to the new high school the THS Art Club raised $500 to have it disassembled and transported to its new home. Unfortunately it was damaged in the move. It had sat in storage from September of 2001 until this last December when the decision was made to install it outside the art department patio. Installation was completed in January. 

The sculpture has been registered with the Smithsonian Institution in their SOS! (Save Our Sculpture) program, a national program registering outdoor public sculpture and monitoring their condition, since 1989.

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