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Senior Portrait Yearbook Submission Requirements

Senior Portrait Yearbook Submission Requirements

Congratulations class of 2019! Senior year marks a milestone in your educational career and most students choose to commemorate this special time with formal portraits. We want to include your senior portrait in the THS yearbook, but it's important that you submit your photo properly.

While many students choose to be creative with the photos they plan to share with family and friends, the photo for the yearbook must follow specific guidelines in order to be approved for the publication. These portrait specifications are detailed below. 

Please note that professional photographs are recommended, as they produce the best results when printed in the yearbook. If you are on a budget, Mrs. Kudlac can make recommendations for local photographers who can take your yearbook photo for a reduced rate or for no charge. Please contact Mrs. Kudlac for details.

Photo Deadline
Friday, December 21, 2018

Seniors needing an extension must make arrangements with the yearbook advisor BEFORE the December 21 deadline.

Photo Submission

  • All senior portraits must be submitted in a digital format.
  • The digital file should be named last_first.jpg  (example: mills_griff.jpg)
  • Photos may be given to Mrs. Kudlac (room D-107) on a flash drive or CD, or emailed to

Your photographer may be willing to submit the photo for you. Be sure to share Mrs. Kudlac's email address and the submission deadline date.

Portrait Requirements

  • Full face view, head and shoulders (typical school picture pose), facing forward
  • Both eyes visible
  • Plain/neutral (ideally light blue/grey) background
  • 1/4 inch from the top of the head to the top edge of the border of the print
  • Submit digital file: minimum resolution of 300 (600 preferred) in .JPEG or .TIFF format no smaller than 2” wide by 2½” tall (approx. 640 x 800 pixels)

Not Acceptable

  • No black or white solid backgrounds
  • No 3/4 or full length poses
  • No profile (side views) or over the shoulder poses.
  • No hands.
  • No props.
  • No outdoor views. (See Mrs. Kudlac for exceptions)
  • No “drape attire” or sports, band or cheer uniforms, etc.
  • No studio imprint (your name or year) on the photos.
  • No “creative” photographic treatments other than standard, classical and traditional head and shoulder posing with normal portrait lighting to match

If you do not submit a photo or your photo does not meet these requirements, your school ID photo will be used.

The final decision of suitability of pictures submitted is the prerogative of the yearbook editorial staff and advisor.

If you have questions, please contact Yearbook Advisor, Mrs. Kudlac at