Tecumseh City Manager Meets with West STEAM Learners

Tecumseh City Manager Meets with West STEAM Learners

Dan Swallow, Tecumseh City Manager addresses West STEAM Center learners on Oct. 10





Tecumseh City Manager Dan Swallow discussed the importance of collaboration between city, county, state, national and private companies in maintaining city infrastructure and responding to major emergencies with West STEAM Center learners on Wednesday, Oct. 10.

Swallow's presentation was a part of the learner's research in preparation for creating their own city government as a part of an ELA, social studies and science cross-curricular unit of study. 

"The scenario we've provided to learners is that there has been a massive disaster and their town has been completely destroyed," said Chelsey Anastasoff, West STEAM Center science facilitator. "They will have to rebuild from the ground up and work together to ensure that the basic needs of their remaining residents are met as they work to establish a new society."

Learners were required to choose a city that access to basic resources such as a reasonable climate and a water source, but may choose the type of disaster (biological, environmental or human-generated) that occurs, and prepare a narrative writing to lay the groundwork for the project.

"After that, they will need to rebuild not only the physical infrastructure of the city, but they will also have to determine which form of government to adopt," said David Gibson, science and social studies facilitator. "They will research ways to provide basic, life-sustaining services while also determining who should serve as the city's leadership team and who will be responsible for which aspect of the rebuilding."

The project will eventually include a model of the learners' city and a website to share each aspect of the city's new government, laws and infrastructure and will be shared as those elements are completed.


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