Tecumseh Compass 5th Graders Collaborate with Ithaca College

Tecumseh Compass 5th Graders Collaborate with Ithaca College

This school year, 5th grade musicians from Compass had the opportunity to collaborate with music education students from Ithaca College. Dr. Matthew Clauhs, Assistant Professor of Music Education reached out to the Tecumseh Compass seeking young ensembles to virtually collaborate with on a project. To that end, Tecumseh 5th-graders created & recorded two-measure original "compositions;" undergraduate music education majors from Ithaca College then arranged them into larger compositions. 

On the collegiate side, learners were able to hear characteristic beginning band sounds, range, tempo, and instrumentation. They also were introduced to different ways you can integrate technology into the band classroom. 

At Compass, learners were able to revisit matching a bass line with a melody and how to write two melody lines that complement one another when played simultaneously. When recording, learners had to play along with a click track (metronome), a skill in and of itself.

There are future plans to collaborate on this project again next year. Dr. Clauhs plans to have his undergrads notate the compositions so one can be selected to rehearse and perform at the Compass spring concert.

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