Tecumseh Compass Learners Serve Homecoming Lunch at THS

Tecumseh Compass Learners Serve Homecoming Lunch at THS

Learners in Mr. Holman’s and Mrs. Williams’ class from Compass Learning Center travelled to THS on Thursday, September 27 to serve a special Homecoming lunch to the Band, Cheer team and the Varsity football team. With the assistance of Mrs. Kudlac, Tecumseh High School’s culinary facilitator, the learners prepared spaghetti, breadsticks, cookies and drinks for the high school learners.

“We did a spaghetti dinner for the Special Olympics competitors last year and it was a big success,” Holman said. “We thought a special lunch for homecoming might be the start of a new tradition.”

The learners in Mr. Holman’s and Mrs. Williams' programs all have special needs who benefit from hands-on learning opportunities. While following the recipes they practice math and reading skills and learn kitchen safety and cooking skills. The learners also reviewed traveling in the community and being safe while they walked between the schools.

“Activities like this can help inspire our higher functioning learners and they become leaders for other students,” said Holman. “We work on social skills and students enjoy helping others.”

Kanton DeClercq, a 5th-grader at Compass said he enjoyed the experience.

A Tecumseh Compass learner talks with learners from the High School

Kanton DeClercq making new friends at the Homecoming lunch.

“I like that I get to meet kids I’ve never seen and I learned that you should be respectful to the older kids because someday you’ll be just like them,” Kanton said. “I would love to do this again.”

A special thanks goes out to Jerry’s Market, Sal’s Italian Restaurant, and Busch’s for donating to this project.

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