Tecumseh East STEAM Center Learner Testimonial

Tecumseh East STEAM Center Learner Testimonial


Alex Mattison, a learner at Tecumseh East STEAM Center spoke at the Board of Education meeting about why he likes the new style of learning at his school...

Hi, my name is Alexander Mattison. I attend Tecumseh East STEAM Center, and I was invited here tonight to talk about why I like the East STEAM center and what it is I like about it. There are many reasons I like this school. I will cover a few of those reasons tonight with you all.

I like that we have Customized learning made to fit how we are able to learn. The reason I like this feature is because if a learner is struggling in math, the math teach will let the ones who understand move on with another facilitator so they can reach their full potential, while holding back the few that may not understand as well and need the extra help and make sure they also comprehend and master the subjects they will need to know for high school and/or life.

I like that we do projects/experiments instead of notes or homework to show our learning. The reason this is such a big deal to me is because of the hands-on experience we are receiving. Instead of doing a 3 page science packet on space, we are building an alien that has to eat, breathe, and practically live just like a human. Which means we have to research and study how our alien will live. We also have to research what celestial body it will live on, and why this is the best celestial body for our alien. While also creating a cool alien model to present to an audience.

I love that we get to make our own flexible, customized schedules. The reason I enjoy this so much is because, they are easy to work with. Plus it is really cool how, besides core classes, you can decide what class you want to take and when you want to take it. As well as what facilitator you want to take it with.

Those are just a few of the reasons why I love our new school. I hope this has given you all a better insight on what the East STEAM learning center actually is, and thank you for giving me the time to present tonight. I hope you all have a great night. Thank you.

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