Tecumseh High School Graduation Information (UPDATED 5/4)

Tecumseh High School Graduation Information (UPDATED 5/4)

It's hard to believe that graduation is just around the corner! To celebrate the journey of our students, we will be putting together a video featuring the seniors for graduation. Please submit an image of your child at a young age along with their senior picture. Feel free to also send in other photos you may have that celebrate our seniors! Please email your images to Katie Marecle. Include your child's name with your submission. Thank you in advance for your help!


Katie Marecle
Class of 2018 Advisor

This year's graduation will be held again at Tecumseh High School on Sunday, June 3 2018, at 2:00 p.m. in the high school arena. Graduations consist of two parts; a ceremony and a celebration. The event to be held at Tecumseh High School is the ceremony, a tribute to our graduates and their parents. The celebration takes place with family and friends. We are asking that everyone involved in our ceremony respect the occasion and join with us in our efforts to have a memorable event.

Throughout the thirteen (13) years that I have been a part of the commencement exercises at Tecumseh High School, our graduates have demonstrated exemplary behavior during the ceremony. However, I, along with many of our parents, have expressed concern regarding the actions of some family members and/or friends that have come to observe the graduation. It is essential that all spectators remember that our event is designed to provide the dignity and decorum befitting a graduation ceremony, and that requires the efforts of everyone in the arena. Therefore, I would ask all of our guests to refrain from screaming or shouting during the event.  In addition, air horns are strictly prohibited in the arena. Please do not bring them to the graduation ceremony. We will ask that family, friends, security and staff assist us in enforcing our expectations.

We require that our graduates be appropriately attired for this special event. The young men are to wear a shirt, tie, dress pants and dress shoes, while the young ladies should wear a dress or a dressy outfit with appropriate shoes. No flip flops or tennis shoes will be allowed. Also, cap and gown cannot be decorated if you choose to participate in the graduation ceremony.

All students will receive ten (10) tickets for admission to the graduation ceremony. Please only take what you will use for the event. If you need additional tickets, please call Mrs. Tara Blosser, Administrative Assistant in the Main Office, no later than Friday, May 18 at 517-423-6008 ext. 7106 or tblosser@tps.k12.mi.us so a waiting list can be created for more tickets. Students will receive their tickets with their cap and gown, which will be distributed during the first mandatory graduation practice on Tuesday, May 29, 2018 at 9:00am. Admission to graduation will be by ticket only.  

Our graduates will have two graduation rehearsals: Tuesday, May 29, 2018 at 9:00 a.m., and Saturday, June 2 at 9:00 a.m. The Tuesday rehearsal will begin in the cafetorium, while the Saturday rehearsal will begin in the Main Hallway of the high school. Caps and gowns should not be worn during either of the rehearsals. ATTENDANCE AT BOTH REHEARSALS IS MANDATORY. Students who do not attend both rehearsals may not go through the graduation ceremony.

In addition, we would ask that all books and materials be returned, and fines paid by the rehearsal date. We continue to be concerned about lost and/or damaged books and materials. The return of, or payment for, lost and/or damaged materials is something the taxpayers of this community deserve, and for which students need to be held responsible. Students who have unpaid fines on graduation day, may be held from walking during the ceremony.

As we near the end of the school year, it is important for graduates to respect the rules of our school and society, as well as to demonstrate the values taught to them by their parents. Please inform your graduate that not only can we not tolerate disruptive behavior, but, it is also contrary to the meaning of graduation. A young woman or young man should demonstrate mature behavior, and should be able to make good choices as he/she moves on to the next stage of life. This has been a wonderful class of seniors, who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and responsibility, and I will expect the same responsible behavior from the students on graduation day.

During the final weeks of school, it is important that the educational process continue for ALL of our students. Any student attempting to disrupt that process will be dealt with in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct, and, if necessary, law enforcement officials. Additional consequences may also include coming to school the week after seniors are out, or loss of prom, graduation and all-night party privileges. It is also essential that students not be on school property during the late night/early morning hours the final weeks of school.

I know you will join me in hoping that the graduate, his/her entire family, and our entire school staff can enjoy this time of accomplishment and celebration. Please reinforce these expectations.

For your information, here is a list of important dates for the end of the school year.

Thank you for your continued support.



Griff E. Mills
Tecumseh High School

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