Tecumseh High School Sideline Cheer

Tecumseh High School Sideline Cheer

There are 4 seniors on the THS Sideline Cheer team. 3 have cheered together since they were freshmen. Alicia Jones was a member of the Competitive Cheer Team during her junior year, but only made the transition to Sideline Cheer for this year.

"Coming in as the new girl, everyone just welcomed me and treated me like I was their best friend from birth," says Jones.

Tressa Martin, Sierra Mullins, and Courtney Moore; the 3 veteran seniors, highlighted the camaraderie and friendships that make the team a special and welcoming place, "Our favorite memories are probably of the team sleepovers. A few years back we had it in the High School and we got to play silly games and bond the whole night."

Sideline Cheer is serious business, too. On top of a rigorous practice schedule, they attend "Stunt Camps," where college coaches come in to help them train for 6-8 hours in a day. They learn new stunt sequences and push themselves to continually improve and prepare for cheering at the next level.

If the seniors could give one piece of advice to prospective cheerleaders it would be, "Don't be afraid or nervous, once you make the team, either JV or Varsity, everyone accepts you. Just go for it!"

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