Tecumseh Indians Lacrosse to host the first Stick it to Stigma game vs Chelsea on May 7

Tecumseh Indians Lacrosse to host the first Stick it to Stigma game vs Chelsea on May 7

The Tecumseh High School Boys Lacrosse team is hosting the first ever Stick it to Stigma game against Chelsea on May 7th at Indian Stadium. The game tips off at 6:30 pm. The purpose of the Stick it to Stigma game is to help start the conversation about the significance of both long-term and short-term mental health. Various community organizations who work in mental health will be present at the game to provide support and resources.

Both Tecumseh and Chelsea will wear custom jerseys for the game and t-shirts will be available to support the cause. Donations will be accepted at the gate or throughout the stadium during the game. There will be a silent auction as well, with all proceeds being divided amongst local mental health organizations.

Stick it to Stigma Game Poster

The idea behind the game came from Tecumseh Head Coach Steve Ayre, “In the world we live in today, our mental health is often over looked and undervalued. Our society deals with mental health issues on a daily basis, but yet there is a stigma about not wanting to talk about it, get resources, or seek treatment for our mental health. The purpose of launching this game is, 1, start the conversation about mental health; 2, to provide support for our local community; and 3, raise funds for our local agencies dedicated to improving mental health. By starting the conversation of "Stick it to Stigma," Our goal is to help bring awareness and hope to positive mental health practices.”

With support from learners in the THS Leadership Class and the two Tecumseh STEAM Centers, this is really a district wide effort to encourage mental health and dispel the stigma that is often attributed to those struggling with it.

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