Tecumseh Preschool Center visits Evans Street Station

Tecumseh Preschool Center visits Evans Street Station

As part of their current unit of study on bread, some of the students from Tecumseh Preschool Center took part in a meet up at Evans Street Station. While there, the kids learned how to make macaroni and cheese from one of the chefs, and then sit down for a quick tasting.

Preschool students learning how to make mac and cheese

The teachers at the center have been teaching their kids about everything to do with bread, and all of the related things made from grains, like pasta. They had reached out to see if Evans Street Station would come and do a demonstration at the center, but Beth Kennedy, the general manager and owner, invited them to the restaurant instead.

"We are happy to take any opportunity to have kids in," said Kennedy. "We've had older kids job shadow before. and bringing them in helps to instill an interest and passion for cooking."


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