Tecumseh South Learners Explore our Exit Learner Outcomes

Tecumseh South Learners Explore our Exit Learner Outcomes

Tecumseh South learners have been exploring our Exit Learner Outcomes through STEAM projects and the Leader in Me program. 

The Purple Team has been exploring the personal sphere of living with the Leader in Me program. Through the use of the Leader in Me, the facilitators help the learners formulate, articulate, defend and apply a personal set of core values. A few examples are:

  • Prioritizes work, family, and personal time for a balanced and healthy lifestyle (Put First Things First)

  • Accepts personal accountability for his/her words and actions (Be Proactive)

  • Sets, pursues, and accomplishes personal goals (Begin With the End in Mind)

  • Reflects deeply, learns from experiences, and continuously improves all aspects of life (Sharpen the Saw)

  • Contributes to society and makes decisions with others in mind (Think Win-Win & Synergize)

  • Seeks, reflects upon and adjusts to feedback (Seek first to Understand, then to be Understood)

The Blue Team explored the learning sphere and the relationship shere by conducting a series of STEAM experiments. Learners had to acquire, organize, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information to solve problems and function effectively as a team member to make decisions and solve problems.

The blended learners of kindergarten and first grade participate in weekly STEAM activities that focus on a variety of science standards. Each group of activities revolved around a common theme (apples, pumpkins, arctic/winter, force & motion). This was an active time that enabled learners to be up and moving, get hands on experience and work together in teams. Collaboration is the key to successful experiments during STEAM time.

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