THS Announces Community Walking Hours

THS Announces Community Walking Hours

Has the chill in the air discouraged you to get outside for your daily walk? Are you concerned about slipping on the ice and snow during your run? Tecumseh High School invites you to get your steps in this winter by walking in the warmth of the building before and after school.

Tecumseh High School is open to the community on weekdays from 6 - 7 a.m. and 4 - 8 p.m. for walkers and joggers to safely workout away from the harsh winter elements. Visitors are asked to limit activities to the hallways and indoor track* only. Please park in the south parking lot.

The building will be closed to community walking when classes are in session, on weekends, and when the district is under delay or closure due to inclement weather. 

*Please note: The indoor track will be closed to outside visitors in the afternoon during regularly scheduled athletic practices and games.  


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