THS Course Test Out Procedures

THS Course Test Out Procedures

Testing Out of Courses

Tecumseh High School learners are provided the opportunity to test out of some courses. However, there are certain criteria that must be met:

  • Learners cannot attempt to test out of a class they have taken and failed.
  • They can only test out of one course at a time.
  • Learners are responsible for reaching out to facilitators for review information. Facilitators will not provide study guides, but may share a book or other materials learners may use.
  • Learners who wish to test out of a full-year course (ex. World History) must take and pass the 1st semester exam, then they will be permitted to take the 2nd semester exam.
  • Learners must earn a 78.5% on the exam to pass the class.
  • If the learner passes, the course will appear on their transcript as tested out (ex. World History - Test Out). The learner will earn an 'S.' If the learner does not pass, nothing goes on the transcript.

Learners wishing to test out of a course must stop into the Guidance Office no later than November 30th. This helps us create a schedule for testing and contact facilitators to retrieve the exams.

Testing will be the week of December 3, during FLEX time and will continue after school if the learner needs more time.

The next test out window will be the week of May 20, 2019.

Learners should contact Mrs. Followell in the Guidance Office with questions.

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