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THS science teachers get specialized professional development on new Michigan Science Standards.

Jim Clark is a Team Developer with the Knowles Teacher Initiative and the Science Coordinator for the San Lorenzo Unified School District. In addition to teaching science for nearly 30 years in California, he has also served as a writer and administrator of professional development for the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) with the State of California. He has multiple publications and honors, including San Lorenzo District Teacher of the Year, Alameda County Teacher of the Year, and a nomination for California Teacher of the Year. He has been booked as the Michigan Science Teachers Association 2017 Conference Keynote Speaker this spring.

Our Tecumseh High School science teachers will meet with Jim Clark, the day before the MSTA conference, at the high school. He will be working with our science teachers as our district transitions to the new Michigan Science Standards, which are based exactly on the NGSS.

“I think an important note to add about this is that Jim is not only helping us with work specific to our district and its changes, but also that he's helping us with what is a national transformation in how science is taught,” said Ms Vanhala, THS science teacher, “Science used to be about reading textbooks, memorizing facts and vocab to regurgitate, but now it's about doing experiments, analyzing data, and communicating conclusions. NGSS and the new Michigan Science Standards empower students to learn more in depth and ‘figure out’ and do science rather than ‘learning  about’ science.”

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