TPS Launches 100 Business Buy-In

TPS Launches 100 Business Buy-In

Representatives from more than 40 Lenawee County businesses met at Tecumseh High School on Tuesday, June 12 to discuss career exploration opportunities for Tecumseh Public Schools learners.

The networking and informational luncheon marked the start of the 100 Business Buy-In program, designed to support the district’s strategic vision through stakeholder involvement through the development of community “learning laboratories” for real-life learning experiences.

The 100 Business Buy-In was developed by Tecumseh Counselors, Mary Tommelein and Shelly Bruner.

“So often we meet with young people who are excited about their chosen career field, but really don’t have a good picture of what it means to be an employee in that field,” Bruner said. “While I can help them narrow their interests to a particular area of study, or help them choose the right post-secondary path, working alongside adults who are actually doing the work is so much more meaningful.”

The 100 Business Buy-In program also benefits the participating organizations by connecting them to young people eager to learn more about the opportunities available locally. In meeting and training young adults, mentors raise awareness of their business, build a network of potential future employees and gain a new perspective on what it means to learn and work.

“We’ve been having great exchanges in the community, and business leaders are eager to get started,” Tommelein said. “The longer we talk, the more ideas start to surface. The possibilities for connecting learners with employers are endless. It’s exciting to be able to provide these experiences for our kids.”

Tecumseh Public Schools is seeking business representatives who are willing to work with learners to provide job shadowing, mentoring, apprenticeships or employment opportunities. If on-site placement of learners is not possible, speakers for career exploration days, classroom presenters and workshop leaders are also welcome.”

Businesses or organizations wishing to become involved in the program, can learn more by visiting the Community Partners page or contacting Mary Tommelein or Shelly Bruner.

100 Business Buy In Luncheon
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