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TPS wins championship at Lenawee VEX Robotics Competition


Nine High and Middle Schools met at Siena Heights University for a day of robotics challenges at the Lenawee VEX Robotics Competition. Four events tested the building, programming, and operating skills of all of the students involved.

Zone Play consisted of picking up items and depositing them in a bucket with a pre-built and programmed robot. The Autonomous Obstacle course used a different pre-built robot programmed to navigate a course by itself. There was a Head-to-Head competition of pushing various balls back and forth across an arena and over a wall, while trying to prevent your opponent from doing the same. Finally an Instant Challenge; teams were given a problem, 20 minutes of planning time, and then an hour to build and program a newly created robot.

Tecumseh’s teams placed in every event including winning the Middle School Instant Challenge on their way to winning the overall competition title.

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