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TPS Winter Weather Plan

TPS Winter Weather Plan

Winter in Michigan can mean anything from sunny and mild to icy and treacherous. Our Transportation Department, watches the forecast closely to watch for possible inclement weather and evaluates road conditions as weather conditions deteriorate.

How do we decide to delay or close?

When the forecast calls for inclement weather, a team from the Transportation Department, known as our "start-up crew," completes road checks, communicates with the Lenawee County Road Commission and makes sure our buses are up and running early. This process begins as early as 3:30 a.m.

During this time, Dr. Coffin checks in with other superintendents to evaluate road conditions across the county, and learn their plans for the day. Based on the information collected, Dr. Coffin will make a decision for Tecumseh Public Schools.

Extreme cold temperatures and wind chill can also factor into the decision to close.The monitoring of temperature and wind chill factor is part of the Transportation Department's protocol when evaluating inclement weather. 

  • According to the National Weather Service, when the combined actual temperature and windchill equals -20 degrees, there is a chance of frostbite if you are out in the elements for more than 30 minutes.
  • TPS uses -20 degrees as our benchmark when deciding to delay / close school. This can be tricky, as the wind chill can change during the decision-making period. 

The safety of our learners is our number one priority, and we take into consideration the learners who walk, those who need to wait at bus stops, and inexperienced drivers when the decision to delay or close school is made.

How are parents notified of a delay or closure?

Information regarding school closures or delays and after school activity cancellations will be sent to parents and learners via the district Blackboard Connect Alert System.

School closings and delays will also be announced on the following:

  • Radio Stations:
    • WJR - 760 AM
    • WABJ - 1490 AM
    • WQTE - 95 FM
    • WIQB - 192.9 FM
    • WLEN - 103.9 FM
  • Television Stations
    • WTOL Channel 11
    • WTVG Channel 13
  • TPS Website
  • Social Media
  • TPS Connect Mobile App
    • If you have push notifications enabled, you will receive a notification in the app

At any time you as a parent have the right to determine if the conditions are safe for your child to attend school. If you intend to keep your child home due to weather, please contact your child's office to notify them of your child's late arrival or absence.

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