West STEAM Center Learners Provide Comfort to Dementia Patients

West STEAM Center Learners Provide Comfort to Dementia Patients

Partnering with volunteers from Ridgeway Church of the Nazarene, 8th graders from Tecumseh West STEAM Center learned basic sewing skills while creating gifts for Hospice of Lenawee patients and residents of local senior care facilities.

Using fabric, ribbon, buttons, zippers, small toys and other materials, the learners sewed “fidget blankets” - or sensory activity blankets for senior citizens receiving care for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Learners heard from Heather Rowe, director of volunteers at Hospice of Lenawee and Melissa Raymond, volunteer coordinator from Great Lakes Caring Hospice who explained how the blankets provide small motor activity, help soothe anxiety and provide comfort to dementia patients.

The service activity was organized by West STEAM Center Counselor, Mary Tommelein. Who said the learners have asked how they can be more involved in volunteering to support senior citizens.

“This activity provided a unique and creative way for them to support their care while learning more about these conditions that affect so many people,” Tommelein said. “It also gave them the opportunity to work with other adults to learn to sew- a useful skill that many people do not have anymore.”

Twenty-six blankets will be distributed to patients in Lenawee County.

A fidget blanket created by a learner     A learner using a sewing machine.     Learners showing off their blankets.A group shot of all of the learners with their blankets.


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