West STEAM City Planning Unit: Part 2

West STEAM City Planning Unit: Part 2

This is the second installment in a piece submitted by West STEAM learners, Redd Braun and Madeline McRoberts. Please refer to their introduction story for more information about the City Planning Unit.

The two elements that we have completed thus far in our City Planning Unit are the geographical location of our city and our government, which includes a Constitution and a Bill of Rights.

In the geographic location aspect of our project, we chose the location of our city and researched the different materials located there. This helped us decide how our city functions and looks. We also studied climates, air fronts, wind belts, and oceanic currents, and then used that information to determine the weather and climate of our location.

The government part involved writing a Constitution and Bill of Rights for our society, as stated previously. This meant we had to decide who would come up with laws, who would enforce them, and who would administer consequences for breaking the law. We also had to decide what rights our citizens would have in their dystopian society. Before we could decide how our government functioned, we had to learn about many types of government, such as representative democracy, absolute monarchy, socialism, and fascism.

“I like it. I think it's interesting to see the flaws in the different kinds of governments that we are analyzing,” said Blakely Rains, a student at West STEAM.

Stay tuned for more elements of our project!


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