West STEAM City Planning Unit: Part 3

West STEAM City Planning Unit: Part 3

By Madeline McRoberts and Redd Braun, Steam WEST learners

The next two elements that we have been assigned to create for our society is the human impact component and the infrastructure of our cities.

In the human impact component of the City Planning unit, we were asked to come up with laws for our city that minimize the amount of human impact we have on the world. For example, one of the laws we created was the “Two Child Maximum” Law. This law would help keep the population of the city at a steady rate and would preserve resources for future generations. After we came up with all of the laws, we had to create a game that would represent punishments for breaking these laws. One of the examples we were given by our teachers was the “Hunger Games”.

“I liked being able to do it because we got to choose what we wanted to do without writing a report and it was fun to be able to make a game,” said Annah Frost. Annah and her partner Maeve Voelker created a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ themed game except the wheel had punishments instead of money.

“What I liked about the project is that is forcing you to make a connection between the rules [of your civilization] and the impact on the environment. Thinking about population, and thinking about how it would increase or decrease. If your civilization had less resources you have to think of how to use that,” said Mrs. Anastasoff, West science teacher.

For the infrastructure plan of our cities, we had to come up with a plan for the construction of our city. We were given a graphic organizer that would help us collect our ideas. A few of the questions we had to answer were: “Where does your city dispose of its waste and trash?” and “Where does your city get its water?” These questions will later help us write out a formal plan on how we are going to build our city.

“To make my solution easier I just gave my city no power so I just had to figure out the water,” said learner Haeden Poore.

Stay tuned to find out how we construct our cities!


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