West STEAM City Planning Unit: Part 4

West STEAM City Planning Unit: Part 4

By Madeline McRoberts and Redd Braun, West STEAM learners

The final elements of our city planning project are a creative writing piece and a physical model of our city.

Learners have been working on their creative writing pieces since this project was assigned, adding information to it as our PBL Lab class covers various aspects of a city.  These pieces had to be a minimum of four pages, although many students went above and beyond with 20- and 30-page stories. Each learner was instructed to write the story of a character that lived in the city that their team had created together.

Our models have three options: 3-dimensional, 2-dimensional, or created in a popular building game called Minecraft. The 3D models must be between 2 and 4 feet square. The 2D models will be in the form of a blueprint or map, both hand-drawn. If a learner uses Minecraft to build their city, they must create a screencast version of the city to display the city. Regardless of which model learners use, they must include the following information: water sources to support the population, power sources, waste removal, roads and transportation, and communication systems.

“I really like the project and my group and I are doing 2D, so I’m really excited to put my art skills to use,” said Emily Stevenson, West STEAM learner.

Check back for updates and the overall view of our project!


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