Tecumseh High School

A studio art learning experience with the emphasis on discovering individual meaning and themes while learning skills and techniques in the following subjects. Students will also experience collaborative work, multi-cultural and art history studies. Careers in art are also explored.

Art classes at the High School:

Art & Design I

Learners will explore various art materials to develop a literacy of and an appreciation of our artistic heritage. Special attention will be placed on the principles of design and the elements of art. Out of class homework assignments are required.

Art & Design II

Learners will explore various art materials to develop a literacy of and an appreciation of our artistic heritage. Special attention will be placed on the principles of design and the elements of art. Out of class homework assignments are required.

Drawing & Painting

This class will lead learners to explore techniques for drawing landscapes, still life, and creative works through direct observation, imagination and reference to famous artists. Learners will use a variety of media, including pencil, ink, colored pencils, charcoal and pastels. Out of class assignments are required to enhance the curriculum. Class critiques and learner writings are an essential part of the class.

Advanced Drawing & Painting

This class continues development of skills introduced in Drawing I. The proportions used for figure drawing and portraiture will be introduced. Color theory will also be explored. Critiques and out of class Assignments are required.


The purpose of this class is to provide learners with an opportunity for expression and creativity using clay as a medium. The Ceramics I learners will create personal statements using techniques and trends of contemporary ceramic artists. Various techniques of hand building will be explored and wheel throwing will be introduced. Glazed and unglazed decoration assignments will be experienced. Weekly Internet research is required.

Advanced Ceramics

The Advanced Ceramics class will be devoted primarily to throwing on the potter's wheel. Hand building will also be utilized to support various assignments. Learners will explore techniques and styles of ceramic glaze decoration. Non traditional techniques of firing (raku and smoke) will be experienced. Weekly Internet research is required. Participation in the spring RAKU firing is required.

Mixed Media

This class will explore a variety of media art forms and techniques. Using a design and drawing basis, the elements of art and principles of design will be expanded. Learners will build a portfolio of artwork that will showcase their talent through development of personal style. Art History as well as writing will be integrated in the projects.

Advanced Mixed Media

Advanced Mixed Media continues to develop skills introduced in Sculpture.


Learners will be introduced to the fundamentals of photographic vision, darkroom practices, and creative photographic problem solving through 35 MM black and white photography. Course content includes lecture, projects, group critiques, a basic history of the medium, and development of a basic vocabulary for discussing, critiquing and making photographs. Learners will learn basic techniques of exposure, composition, black and white processing, printing, print finishing, and print presentation.

Advanced Photography

Advanced Photography continues the exploration of photographic processes, equipment, and materials. Learners will explore career opportunities in the field of photography.


This class explores various materials used to create sculptures which may include wood, plaster, stone, paper, metal or mixed media. Learners will learn how to manipulate these materials and use sculpting tools and machines safely. Traditional and non-traditional methods will be used for additive, subtractive, and assemblage sculptures. A strong emphasis is placed on the study of sculpture history, analyzing other works of sculpture, discussion, and critique. Realistic and abstract sculpture will be studied. Out-of-class and group assignments will be introduced in the class.

Advanced Sculpture

Advanced Sculpture continues to develop skills introduced in Sculpture.

AP Visual Arts

AP Art will offer three studio art courses and portfolios: 2-Dimensional Design, 3- Dimensional Design, and Drawing. The AP Studio Art portfolios are designed for learners who are seriously interested in the practical experience of art. Learners submit portfolios for evaluation to the most common college foundation courses. Learners may choose to submit any or all of the Drawing 2-Dimensional design, or 3-Dimensional design portfolios. Learners create a portfolio of work to demonstrate the artistic skills and ideas they have developed, refined, and applied over the course of the year to produce visual compositions.

9th-Grade Foundations of Art

This course is designed to meet the needs of all learners. It will be split over six, 6 week sections throughout the school year allowing students to find the art course that best fits their interests. Many art mediums will be explored through the process of creating both 2-dimensional and 3 dimensional artworks. This course will build interpersonal skills and an art foundation by teaching the elements and principles of art while working both independently and in groups.

TPS hosts an annual Art Show - open to learners in grades K - 12. Each year, TPS learners artists are recognized at the local, regional, and state levels.