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The Class of 2019 is pleased to present Prom 2018. This year's theme is "Enchanted Garden."


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Curriculum Resources

Our Curriculum Vision

Tecumseh Public Schools educators and leaders are future-focused trend trackers. We update curriculum content when new and relevant content emerges. Skills and concepts are then learned utilizing up-to-date content that has meaning for everyone.

Curriculum Standards

Common Core State Standards

Michigan Science Standards

Michigan Social Studies Expectations

Advanced Placement Curriculum- High School

Jackson College Middle College branch at Tecumseh High School

Career Technical Education (CTE)- High School

Curriculum Instruction Materials

ELA K-6 Curriculum


Wit & Wisdom is composed of four modules per grade level. Each artfully explores a specific topic to develop depth of understanding and inspire curiosity. At the core of each module is a selection of literary works, informational texts, and visual art. Modules are made up of 30 lessons which are covered in 6-8 weeks of study. All modules integrate reading, writing, speaking, listening and language instruction.


Students are practicing reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language based in text. All strands of the standards are integrated throughout each module with:

  • Instructional Routines that empower students to tackle complex texts with increasing independence within and across grades.
  • Text-Dependent Questions to guide students to a deep understanding and establish a basis for the use of evidence in oral and written communication.
  • Explicit Writing Instruction to empower students to write essays, narratives, arguments, and informational pieces.
  • Text-Based Vocabulary that provides the basis for morphology and word work.
  • Formative Assessments that inform teachers and students on progress towards knowledge and skill mastery.


Every module in each grade is focused on a topic that is essential for building background knowledge, vocabulary, and more. Whether students are learning about the seasons, the American Revolution, or space exploration they are exposed to works of literature, informational text, and art of the highest quality. Essential topics strategically reoccur, empowering students to deepen understanding of core knowledge across grades K—8.


With Wit & Wisdom every text a student touches is authentic and of the highest quality. Students use these texts at every turn — to learn, and eventually master, essential reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, and vocabulary. Instead of basals, students read books they love, to build knowledge of important topics and master literacy skills. All students read and communicate about grade-level texts, with suggestions for support included at key moments in lessons.

For more information check out the Wit & Wisdom Ed Reports review.

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