At Tecumseh Public Schools, Tecumseh North and South Early Learning Centers educate our youngest learners (pre-k through 1st-grade). Tecumseh South ELC is also home to the district sponsored and 5-star rated Preschool Center.

Learners then progress to Tecumseh Compass Learning Center, serving our 2nd through 6th-grade learners, and focused on customized learning paths for all.

During the middle years learners attend either Tecumseh East or Tecumseh West STEAM Centers for 7th and 8th-grade, looping with their teachers for those two years.

The transition to the high school takes place at 9th-grade where learners have numerous options and paths available including Advanced Placement, the Virtual Academy, the SMCSI Mechatronics program, the Tecumseh Middle College Branch, Dual-Enrollment, and the LISD TECH Center. In addition to the various academic paths learners will have the opportunity to participate in our nationally recognized arts programs through bands, orchestra, choirs, and numerous fine arts offerings.