Academic Success

A person's learning style is the way they process and remember information. We all learn by seeing (visual learning), hearing (auditory learning) and doing (tactile learning), but we also tend to learn BEST in just one of these styles.

To find out which learning style is YOUR strength, take the Learning Styles Quiz.

If your classes are stressing you out and your grades aren't looking so great, it's time to ask for a little help.

The best source of help is always your classroom teacher, and setting up a meeting with him or her to ask some questions may just get you back on track. Many teachers can arrange a time to see you before school, after school, or during Flex Time. If you find that you need more help, finding a tutor is another great option for class help.

THS has a peer-to-peer tutoring program, which means you'll work with another student to review coursework, get help studying, or answers to your course questions. Tutoring is available for all students during Flex period. You can sign up to work with any tutor on any day - and you can choose to meet only once or you can come back as often as you like.