Learning Philosophy

The mission of Tecumseh Public Schools is to be “Uncompromisingly Learner Centered,” and that is certainly true at Tecumseh Compass Learning Center. The learning facilitators at Tecumseh Compass Learning Center are committed to creating a safe and positive learning environment. To reach this goal, Tecumseh Compass Learning Center is dedicated to personalizing learning and providing the necessary programs to help learners meet their greatest potential. We focus diverse learning opportunities on the analysis and solution of real-life problems, authentic learning, and creative thinking. Our learning facilitators connect personally with each individual learner to ensure joy and to provide a positive, respectful, and safe learning environment.

One strength of the Tecumseh Compass Learning Center is the ability for our learning facilitators to collaborate on a daily basis: providing support to each and every learner throughout the day. Teaming (where 2 to 3 learning facilitators work with a common group of learners) will be in place when appropriate, according to the age of the learners. When utilized, mastery learning experiences will follow, allowing our learners to develop intrinsic motivation necessary for lifelong learning. Our educators are so excited to be able to come together and lead our children onto a path of an enjoyable pursuit of knowledge!

We are proud to maintain physical education, music, and art programs each day to support the learning process. Learners will also have opportunities to work in our STEM lab. Our 5th and 6th grade learners will continue to have the opportunity to participate in band and orchestra.