Learning Expos

Our Learning Expos provide the opportunity for students to demonstrate their learning to an authentic audience. We welcome and encourage families and community members to attend and see all that our students have accomplished.

Careers Expo

Tecumseh East would like to invite the Tecumseh community to attend its next Learning Expo. Community members may visit Tecumseh East at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, March 26 to view the students' career presentations. Students had to choose one of six career pathways; Engineering, Arts and Communication, Business Management and Marketing, Human Services, Health Services, and Natural Resources and Agriculture; to present.

Visitors should plan on staying for a full hour in one location, so as not to distract from the presentations.

If you have any questions, please contact Principal Melanie Nowak via email or at 517-423-2324.

Learning Expos allow STEAM Center learners to share individual interest projects with an authentic audience to receive direct feedback on their work. Learners not only explore a topic of interest, but learn its applicability in the real world, and gain valuable communications, organization,research, and critical thinking skills.