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Griff Mills

Griff Mills

High School Principal, Grades 11 and 12
Jacob Anastasoff

Jacob Anastasoff

Principal, Grades 9 and 10

As high school principal, I am pleased to welcome you to Tecumseh High School.

We believe every student has “genius” in them and it is our responsibility to help discover and grow each individual's talents and gifts. We are truly Uncompromisingly Student Centered and put the best interests of our students at the forefront of all we do.

Tecumseh High School utilizes best instructional practices and engagement strategies to support the foundation of learning. We are on a journey that will lead to a customized learning experience for each and every one of our students.

Our ninth graders will continue to benefit from the STEAM learning experience that they began last year, while all students will have the opportunity to explore the many pathways available for preparation for life after high school. Classroom instruction is supported through the use of technology with our 1:1 Chromebook program and project-based learning experiences.

THS offers several teacher-taught Advanced Placement (AP) courses that challenge our students in a variety of ways and provide the opportunity to earn college credit through the AP Exam at the conclusion of each course. The Tecumseh Virtual Academy, JC Middle College Tecumseh Branch, LISD TECH Center programs, Mechatronics pathway, Tecumseh Cadet Program and 100 Business Buy-In program provide our students with a multitude of academic options and experiences to explore.

In addition to these academic pursuits, our district is committed to developing seven Exit Student Outcomes to prepare each graduate for post-secondary education and employment. These outcome goals help students develop a sense of self and prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of life in a rapidly-changing world.

Tecumseh High School has 26 varsity sports and a variety of clubs and organizations to choose from to enhance students’ educational experience. Our fine arts program is highly regarded and students consistently score very high at state competitions. It is our hope that our students take part in one or more of these sports and activities to round out their total high school experience.

Having had my own children graduate from Tecumseh High School, I am very proud of what a Tecumseh graduate looks like. I have experienced as a father and a principal, how important high school is to our students. There is so much to learn and experience, and then apply to their very own lives.

The entire staff at Tecumseh High School wishes each student the best in his or her educational pursuits.

Go Indians!!

Griff Mills

High School Principal
Tecumseh High School

About Tecumseh High School

Opening for the first time on August 26, 2001, Tecumseh High School is the newest building. The school’s design is based on a compact, clearly-organized floor plan that encourages student and faculty interaction, flexibility and future expansion options. A wide central corridor connects three two-story classroom modules to the support spaces that include the administrative and counseling offices, media center, cafetorium (seating capacity of 800), gymnasium (seating capacity of 2,000), fitness center, performing arts, applied technology, and art studios. The school covers approximately 212,000 square feet with an optimal capacity of 1,100 students.

Tecumseh High School is staffed by a core of experienced learning teachers working in concert with new educators. Over 70 percent of our teaching staff members currently hold a Master’s Degree with several more working toward their completion. Our learning teachers are dedicated to student success and are eager to implement new teaching and learning strategies that will support the curricular objectives of the Michigan Merit Curriculum and the Common Core State Standards.

Tecumseh High School distinguishes itself from other high schools through its curriculum expectations. You will find high standards and benchmarks, required courses and graduation requirements, grading and reporting guidelines and procedures, opportunities for extracurricular activities, and teaching and learning strategies. Staff members in our school collaborate to provide a quality education with common expectations for all students.

Uncompromisngly Learner Centered TPS Points of Pride: · Tecumseh High School offers  23 Advanced Placement courses. · The mean AP test score for learners in   2017-18 was 3.2. · Eleven learners earned a perfect 5/5 score   on the AP Calculus AB exam.