About Us

Tecumseh South Early Learning Center opened its doors in 2017. The center is home to our Young five through first grade learners. Tecumseh South has a gym, dedicated classrooms for art and music, and an expansive library. Tecumseh South also houses the Tecumseh Preschool Center. The school covers approximately 45,000 square feet.

Tecumseh South is staffed by a core of experienced learning facilitators working in concert with new educators. Over 80% percent of our teaching staff members currently hold a Master’s Degree with several more working toward their completion. At South, learners build foundational educational skills while opportunities are provided for creative thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and reflection. The goal is to cultivate learners' natural curiosity through a customized learning approach enriched with play, cooperation, imagination, and inquiry. Facilitators work in teams across grade levels to provide STEM activities as well as a focus on community service and kindness.