Clubs & Activities

Fellowship of Christian Athletes logo

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
Advisor: Mr. Linde
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a group that meets Friday mornings before school to talk through scripture and what it means to have a true relationship with Jesus Christ.

Book Club logo

Book Club
Advisor: Ms. Arnold

We meet once a month after school to discuss the book we've chosen. A parent permission form is required. We use Remind to keep track of our meeting times and activities.

French Club logo

Club Français
Advisor: Madame Lemon-Thompson
Bonjour, les amis! Le Club Français is a THS club which welcomes all French students to our monthly events! We do French-related activities which are not possible during the school day. Past meeting topics include Québec, Noël en France, various French artists with hands-on activities, music and of course, sampling francophone foods! We also take field trips to art exhibitions, plays, and French-related events. This year, we will host an event on African drumming when you will have a chance to play one of the instruments! We hope that you will be part of our fun group!

Elephant Squad logo

Elephant Squad
Advisors: Mrs. Morgan & Mrs. Gibson
Suicide awareness and prevention committee that promotes school and community awareness.

National Honor Society logo

National Honor Society
Advisor: Mrs. Vanhala
National Honor Society is an academic club that is based on scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Students (Juniors and Seniors) that have a GPA of 3.5 or above are invited to be members of NHS. Members of NHS are dedicated to their academics as well as volunteering in the community. Each semester students volunteer a minimum of eight hours. Some of the fun community events that NHS participate in or volunteer for are the Builders Club/NHS haunted house, Red Cross blood drive, Middle School tutoring, and Adopt-a-Family.

Student Council logo

Student Council
Advisor: Mr. Northrup
Student Council is a body of student-leaders across all grade levels that inspires a positive high school experience for all students. We organize spirit weeks with dress up days, parades, and assemblies; run charity drives such as Toys for Tots around Christmas and support women and victims of domestic violence by giving to the Catherine Cobb Foundation; and we are an overall voice for positive change at THS. All students are invited to attend monthly meetings.

Art Club logo

Art Club
Advisor: Mrs. Whiteley
The Tecumseh High School Art Club will focus on enhancing the art experiences of THS students. Membership is open to anyone, you do not need to have had or be enrolled in an art class. Possible activities include; Homecoming window painting, pumpkin carving, museum field trip, community service, artist presentations, and special art lessons.

Voices for Change logo

Voices for Change
Mrs. Gibson & Mrs. Perez

The VFC Team connects students that are motivated to work together on projects for positive change at Tecumseh High School and the surrounding community. This club meets once per month during Indian Hour. Learners are usually nominated by a facilitator to participate. VFC Students also attend an annual County Wide Youth Summit at Michigan International Speedway, to learn more about their personality, leadership style and teamwork. If you would like to learn more, stop by the Guidance Office and ask for Mrs. Gibson, CLC Graduation Coach.

Gay-Straight Alliance logo

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)
Advisors: Mrs. Lemon-Thompson, Mr. Yzquierdo, & Mrs. Musselman
GSA is a student-run club which provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, and works to end homophobia and transphobia. All LGBTQ+ students and straight allies are welcome!

ESports logo

Tecumseh ESports League
Advisor: Mr. Mark
Group participates in High School ESports League (HSEL) Majors and Weekend Tournaments, with Twitch incentives. Games played are determined by the team, and they compete against other schools in our region. Visit the HESL website for more information.

Quiz Bowl logo

Quiz Bowl
Advisor: Mr. Mark
Quiz Bowl is a five-person team that competes against other schools at both the varsity and JV level. It is a trivia based competition with questions from science, math, literature, history, and geography. It is a "Jeopardy" style format in which you only answer the questions you think you know. The season runs from November through February, with an all-day tournament to determine state level competition eligibility. If you are interested, please see Mr. Mark in room D-105.

Chess Club logo

Chess Club
Advisors: Mr. Gadbois and Mr. Caplon
Learn to play Chess. Meet new friends playing Chess. Challenge your mind!

Debate Club
Advisors: Ms. Arnold and Mr. Houthoofd
We meet Thursdays and Fridays twice a month during Flex. We learn vital skills such as communication, leadership, oration, argumentation and have a lot of fun doing it!

Key Club logo

Key Club
Advisor: Mrs. Purkey
Key Club is a student-led organization that teaches leadership through service to others. Members of the Kiwanis International family, Key Club members build themselves as they build their schools and communities. Key Club assists Kiwanis in carrying out its mission to serve the children of the world. High school student members of Key Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives. They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects and holding elected leadership positions at the club, district and international levels. Key Club is open to all students.

Robotics Club logo

Robotics Club
Advisor: Spencer Ruffner
Meetings are Thursdays from 6 - 8 p.m. No experience is necessary!

Peer-to-Peer Support logo

Peer-to-Peer Support
Advisors: Mr. Musielewicz & Mrs. Musselman
A student to student support program to aid students with needs in the classroom and throughout the school setting. The students will support fellow students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and other challenges, in both the academic and social settings with adult supervision. While in the program, students will provide peer support while participating in activities scheduled. The primary responsibility of a peer to peer support student is to be a model for a student with special needs.

ROX logo

ROX – Ruling Our Experiences
Advisors: Mrs. Gibson & Mrs. Mensing
ROX is about building confidence and competence in ALL girls and equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to lead healthy, independent, productive, and violence free lives. ROX participants are given the opportunity to inspire positive relationships and model leadership skills they learn through the program, among their peers and throughout their lives. What is ROX? This video helps to explain the goals of the program.

*Facilitator recommendation required

SADD logo

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)
Advisor: Mrs. Musselman
SADD is a peer-to-peer education, prevention, and activism organization dedicated to preventing destructive decisions, particularly underage drinking, other drug use, risky and impaired driving, teen violence, and teen suicide. SADD believes that young people can have fun, enjoy life and nurture positive personal relationships without the distraction and distortion of alcohol. SADD seeks to demonstrate positive and attractive alternatives to alcohol and other drug-infused activities for teenagers.

Equations Club logo

THS Equations
Advisor: Mr. Ramsell
Equations is a game in which 3 players attempt to create equations, using limited resources, that equal a predetermined goal. Players will restrict or require the use of certain resources in order to outwit the other two players. If you LOVE math, you should come on out! We compete with other schools.

Fishing Club logo

Fishing Club
Advisor: Mr. Harsh
For anyone who wants to go fishin’!

Varsity Club logo

Varsity Club
Advisor: Mr. Harsh
Community service group. Don’t need to be a student-athlete to join! Our club is open to anyone.