Tecumseh Public Schools aligns assessments directly to TPS learning outcomes and curriculum. We consistently use learner assessment data to effectively monitor and interpret each learner’s progress. This data is used collaboratively by facilitators to develop learning methods and strategies to support each learner's individual learning path.

Learning is monitored daily through the use of formative assessments in the classroom. To monitor learning growth and achievement throughout the year, the following assessment is also used:

  • NWEA MAP Growth is a computer adaptive test created by NWEA that learners take three times per school year. The results provide facilitators with the information needed to deliver appropriate content for each learner and determine each learner’s academic growth over time.

*A formative assessment is one of a variety of methods that facilitators use to evaluate subject-area comprehension, learning needs, and academic progress during a lesson, unit, or project. They help facilitators identify those concepts that a learner easily grasps, and the learning standards they have not yet met. This allows for flexibility in instruction for areas where additional academic support may be needed.


For more information about the Competency Based Grading Scale and conversion to a traditional GPA, please download the Grading Information Sheet.