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Citizen Participation

The TPS Board of Education encourages stakeholders to address issues or concerns with the most appropriate individual or department level as a first step. Most questions and concerns can be addressed by communicating directly with a class facilitator, building administrator, department director, or the district superintendent.

If your concern is not resolved through these communication channels and you wish to bring certain matters to the Board’s attention, please refer to the following the two procedures as described below:

1. If the matter is lengthy in nature, it is advised that you request to be placed on the Board Meeting agenda. A written request must be submitted to the Superintendent at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.

2. You may also choose to participate in the “Public Comment” portion of the Board Meeting. Time is set aside at every Board meeting for persons in the audience who wish to be heard. If you wish to speak during the “Public Comment” section of the meeting, please review the following guidelines:

  • After being recognized by the Board President, please
  • State your name,
  • Present your statement of concern or question to the Board

Please Note:

  • In order to adhere to the proposed agenda, the Board President may limit the time any one speaker may consume in his/her presentation.
  • The Board will hear comments from the audience but may defer action until a subsequent meeting in order to gather information and study all aspects of the matter brought to their attention.
  • Complaints concerning school personnel or students cannot be discussed in an open public meeting unless the individual(s) involved are notified and agree (P.A. 267 of 1976). Such complaints should be forwarded to the Board in care of the Superintendent, unless the complaint involves the Superintendent, in which case it should be processed through the Board President. An open or closed meeting, according to the wishes of the person(s) involved, will be arranged.
  • The Tecumseh Board of Education pledges its courteous attention to those who wish to be heard. In return, the Board asks that the members of the audience refrain from loud talking and interruptions during the meeting.