Strategic Plan

Tecumseh Public Schools Board of Education and the administration have launched an initiative to guide the District through a three-to-five-year strategic plan.

The initiative began in October 2021. The process included community and staff input events, data collection and other efforts that created a shared vision and goals for the future of the District and strategies to achieve them, all while using scarce public education resources in the most effective and efficient way.

Stakeholder feedback was an important part of the planning process. Community members, parents, students, teachers and all District staff members had the opportunity to give input on the strengths of the District, opportunities for improvement, barriers for implementation and their vision for the District.

Strategic Plan Summary - 2022-2027

After months of work, Tecumseh Public Schools finalized the final Strategic Plan for 2022-2027. The summary is:

  • Mission

  • Vision

  • Belief Statements

  • Strategic Focus Areas


The Tecumseh Public Schools community will empower every student, every day, for life success with flexible opportunities in diverse learning environments


Inspiring students to become empowered, innovative individuals

Belief Statements

We believe...

  • Every student deserves an outstanding education.

  • An engaged community is the backbone of our success.

  • In the development of the whole child.

Strategic Focus Areas

  • Academics/Programs

  • Learning Environment/Culture

  • Operations

  • Personnel/Leadership

  • Communications/Community Engagement

Goal Statements - Year Two (2023-24)


  • Tecumseh Public Schools will develop life skills and real-world learning opportunities through curriculum alignment to exceed state standards.

Second Year Objectives:

  • Expand work-based learning (WBL) opportunities for students

  • Build 'pathway' options for students looking to pursue specific career fields

  • Develop Career Success Model to promote career exploration K-12

Learning Environment/Culture

  • Tecumseh Public Schools will provide an inclusive and engaging learning environment for staff and students centered on collaboration, training, and empowerment.

Second Year Objectives:

  • Develop and implement a year-round professional development calendar

  • Utilize a formal data review process K-12

  • Utilize the Instructional Coaching Model for curriculum implementation and student engagement

  • District MTSS processes will be created to align current tiered programs with new initiatives


  • Tecumseh Public Schools will increase investments in infrastructure to provide safe, clean, and reliable services.

Second Year Objectives:

  • Continue to prioritize and budget capital projects

  • Strategize Community Communication on Operations needs


  • Tecumseh Public Schools will actively hire and retain high quality staff.

Second Year Objectives:

  • Develop a creative, collaborative recruitment process that includes state funded opportunities, work with post secondary institutions, and current bargaining agreements

  • Offer benefits beyond other districts in the county to retain staff

Communications/Community Engagement

  • Tecumseh Public Schools will implement streamlined communication strategies and services that allow all community members to provide input and access to information.

Second Year Objectives:

  • Every staff member will know the mission, vision and beliefs of TPS

  • TPS will intentionally participate in community events while actively creating opportunities for public input and family engagement

  • TPS will plan communication intentionally for staff 2 way communication

strategic plan

strategic plan