best high school schools

Tecumseh High School stays on top after taking the honor of being named the best high school in Lenawee County.

THS consistently receives high marks, and the work of students and staff continues to shine. Once again, THS has been named in the “Best High Schools Rankings 2023” by U.S. News & World Report. The school isn’t just receiving high marks for the county. THS is placing well in the state and national rankings.

The 2023 edition of Best High Schools includes a numerical ranking of nearly all public high schools nationwide – almost 18,000 of them. There are rankings within each state and each census-designated metropolitan area with three or more high schools.

Out of eleven ranked public high schools in Lenawee County, Tecumseh High School takes the top spot, beating Clinton High School and Madison High School for number one.

“Academic excellence at THS is nothing new. However, our staff’s continued hard work to create student engagement deserves recognition,” said Superintendent Rick Hilderley.

The good news continues as THS sits in the top 15% of public high schools in Michigan. Ranking 98th in the state, no other high school in Lenawee County cracks the top 100.

The District is not just proud of the local and state rankings for THS, it’s proud of how well the high school is doing nationally. With nearly 18,000 ranked high schools, Tecumseh High School is in the top 16%.

THS continues to see improvement in two critical areas, Proficiency and Performance on the Michigan SAT in both English Language Arts and Math.

“A great high school educates all students from different social and economic backgrounds, exposing them to challenging coursework on the path to graduation,” said Superintendent Hilderley.