holly dennis, will ramsell, javid garcia

Recent graduates of Tecumseh High School have achieved a remarkable feat in mathematics. Their outstanding performance in the challenging Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus BC exam has drawn attention not only locally but also from the academic community.

Leading this academic journey was their dedicated teacher, Will Ramsell. For Mr. Ramsell, this endeavor marked his inaugural experience teaching AP Calculus BC—a course that melds two college-level calculus classes into one rigorous curriculum. It demanded unwavering commitment, not only from the students but also from their dedicated teacher.

Reflecting on this special group of students, Mr. Ramsell remarked, "As a collective whole, this is a very special group that has been together since Algebra I back in seventh grade. I believe Tecumseh can compete with other top-tier schools in advanced placement."

The path to success was no cakewalk. The students faced a rigorous curriculum, underwent weeks of intensive study, and encountered unforeseen challenges. Yet their thirst for knowledge and unyielding dedication drove them forward.

19 Tecumseh High School students took on the daunting AP Calculus BC exam, and their results defied all expectations. The students made it seem like the test was a mere walk in the park.

Remarkably, every student passed the test and achieved an impressive group average of 4.95 on the five-point scale. An astounding 18 students secured the perfect score of 5, while one earned a highly commendable 4.

Mr. Ramsell expressed his immense pride in his students, stating, "As their teacher, their coach through AP, I couldn't be prouder of the hard work, dedication, and the commitment they made to this course to accomplish this. Every student pulled their weight and gave it everything they had. I know these students will be lifelong learners."

This exceptional group of Tecumseh graduates has set a new standard for academic excellence in their community. Their dedication, coupled with the guidance of their passionate teacher, Mr. Ramsell, is a testament to what can be achieved with determination, teamwork, and a love for learning.

TPS extends its warmest congratulations and best wishes to these young scholars as they embark on their future endeavors, confident they will leave a lasting impact on the world.